S.A.W Timbers

S.A.W. Timbers c.c. was established in 1980. We supply SABS specification timber and hardware throughout southern africa. We have expertise in a wide range of timber and timber related products and can therefore offer advice that is unrivalled in today's industry.

Our work and products include but are not limited to the following: Gum Poles, droppers, structural timber, jungle gyms, picket fencing, transmission and telephone poles, thatching, untreated poles and laths, Paddock Fencing, Decking, Lattice work, Post and Rail Fencing, Pergolas and many more.

Our advisors will recommend the appropriate timber for any given project when advising on design and construction. S.A.W. Timbers deals in both small and large quantities, direct from plantation or Midrand and can deliver straight to your door.

About Our Products

Poles, Droppers & Laths

Treated either C.C.A or Creosote to SABS Specs or untreated. Lenghs from 1.2m to 13.0m. Diameters from 20mm to 200mm.

Usages - Thathcing, Roofs, Building, Carports, Pergolas, Fencing, Horse / Cattle padlocks, Play Gym, Screening, Poles

Appropriate Hardware


C.C.A Treated to SABS Specs or untreated. Lenghs from 1.2m to 6.0m. Sizes from 20mm to 220mm.

Grades - S5, Crating, wet off saw

Usages - Buildings, Pergolas, Carports, Decking and sub structure, Fencing, Panels, Boxed and Pallets.

Garden Products

C.C.A Treated or untreated Standard sizes or Custom made.

Products - Fencing / Picket Panels, Lattice screen, Pole / Plank garden edging, Veg / Herb boxes, Hay feeders, Decorative boxes & Crates